No-Cost, Profit Scan 360™ Assessments

ClearProfit’s proprietary Profit Scan 360™ assessment technology can provide valuable insights to where the real profit opportunities are hidden within your company.  This quick and accurate technology and approach can pin point your next profit improvement efforts and help you set your profit program priorities.  The 360 degrees of visibility enables a holistic review that uncovers the highest value profit opportunities within your organization.  This scanning technology and approach is fast becoming the secret weapon for CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, and CPA’s in the pursuit of increasing company profitability.   The best part of this assessment is that it's FREE.
Proven Profit Growth™ Methodology

ClearProfit’s patented Profit Growth™ Methodology is a proven, successful approach to planning, executing, reporting, and providing quality control for our client’s profit initiatives, projects and/or programs.  Our methodology is built on a flexible framework of work phases, activity steps and key deliverables.  Our team will collaboratively build the right plan, the right timeline, with the right resources, to ensure successful achievement of your project objectives.  We perform 100% of the project work off-site, so you can stay focused on your day to day business. Most importantly, the ClearProfit approach keeps you in control of your project at all times.
Advanced Management Technologies

Advanced Management Technologies have become a common part of executive management’s improvement toolbox.  These technologies are typically utilized to increase revenues, reduce expenses and/or costs, improve quality and/or efficiency, or help build strategic direction.  Because the current economic environment has increased these operational challenges, finding the right management technologies for our clients is an important value we provide.  We have identified the best, most popular and pertinent technologies that can deliver the most profit to your bottom line.  Depending on the specific profit solution, many of these tools are coupled with our project methodology and expert teams to help ensure project success.
Targeted Research and Analytics

ClearProfit has over 35 different research and analytical tools that enable us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.  In these days of information overload, it is not about finding the information, but more about how to analyze and interpret the data that will generate the biggest value and benefit to your organization. Our tools enable insightful interpretation of critical research information. By combining key research and analytical tools, the ClearProfit experts can provide your company with detailed insights on market trends, best practices, financial statistics, customer dynamics, competitive analysis, and benchmarking studies.

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